A Wonderous Journey Through The Life Of Spoken Word Poet Shane Koyzcan


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Shut Up and Say Something  (PG) **

Wonder Words!

By DESIBUZZCanada Staff

           Local talent comes of age In Shut Up and Say Something. Words matter and this savvy look into the life of up and coming Shane Koyzcan will certainly leave you talking.

            Raw talent bursts forth from the lips of this talented British Columbian who hails from the  interior. Thanks to a unique  knack to capture the feelings of the time this casual comic come social commentator has been able to connect with a growing number of people across a wide range of ages. Concert footage lets us into the rather complicated life of a young man raised by a grandmother.

            Driven and with a jaded past Shane manages to climb many mountains in the topsy turvy world of live performances. With an equally talented low level back up group of musicians it's great fun to listen to the words and funny emotion that emanates from this folksy charmer's lips.

          Genuine and topical Shut Up and Say Something provides a tour de force  showcase for a local up and comer whose well on his way to becoming major comedy and spoken word performer.

For more information on the Vancouver international film festival go to www.viff.org or call (604) 683-3456

Show times:

Wednesday 0ct. 4.         6:15 pm.           Vancouver Playhouse

Sunday 0ct. 8.                12:30  pm.           Vancouver Playhouse

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