NO BED OF ROSES: The Impact Of Infidelity On Once A Happy Household In Bangladesh


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No Bed of Roses (PG ) **

Family Friction!

By DESIBUZZCanada Staff

           Infidelity seems to have been with us from the dawn of time. Making whoopee with a family friend provides plenty of room for angst and guilt in No Bed of Roses. See the toll an affair takes on a once happy household  in this film set in India

             Success can lead to problems . Middle age flings are common among members of all classes. Sometimes wealth  helps facilitate such transgressions. Blessed with two children and a wife of many years when a noted Indian filmmaker takes up with a friend of the daughter chaos ensues, albeit a muted one.

             Somewhat predictable you do feel the pain of all the family members as over time we see the divisions develop. Slow moving and with no real new territory being explored or expanded upon No Bed of Roses turns out to be a fairly running the mill guilt trip offering with the predictable pain of a neglected wife, uncaring husband and devastated daughter

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Friday Oct. 6.       7:30 PM.   International Village Cinemas Auditorium 10

Sunday Oct.8       1:00 PM.   Vancity Theatre

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