The Fusion Generation Rocks Vancouver!


headerTFG-Dream-GirlsMMM Films and TFGP's The Fusion Generation is currently filming in Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley. The R. Paul Dhillon Production stars Canadian TV-film star Sitara Hewitt and Bollywood legend Gulshan Grover. Recent filming locations included Shangri-La Hotel and Richberry Group corporate offices.

In a recent facebook post, director Dhillon wrote: “Rich men have a weakness for mistresses but they can be very expensive and dangerous! Filming at the Shangri-La Penthouse courtesy of Ricki Gill! Gulshan Grover's first day and he is getting a real workout from Corinna Rennie. Love, Sex, Betrayal and Violence – The Fusion Generation has it all and then some! This is a film about Your Generation! Look out for it in 2017!!!!”

Star Grover wrapped his role this week and Dhillon joined a gathering of close friends to celebrate his star’s visit and great performance by Grover in The Fusion Generation at the Boathouse in beautiful White Rock.

“I want to thank my friend Hakam Bhullar who has helped me a great deal ok this film and hosted this dinner and Shernjeet Vicki Gill, who has been integral to the production so far as well many others including my friend Raj Kumar Toora, who also hosted a lunch and dinner for Gulshan and the entire cast and crew of the film. I'm thankful to many others, including Peter Dhillon of Richberry Group/Oceanspray, who have contribute in their own way and many continuing to help out in whatever way! Thank you – I'm forever grateful for your support,” wrote Dhillon

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