Remembering Cinephile Deepak Grewal!


headerDeepakA Memorial celebration was held to celebrate the life of Cinephile Deepak Grewal, one of nicest human beings and one of Bollywood's greatest champions. Deepak passed away recently and his good friend Jagdev "Jagga" Dhaliwal – proprietor of Dhoom and Dhaliwal Banquet Hall, organized a special remembrance with friends of Deepak like Harjinder Thind, Raj Kumar Toora, Balvir Boparai, Baljit Kainth, Munish Katyal, Jas Teja, Ranjit Dhillon, Monika Verma, former Bollywood star Rajat Bedi and DESIBUZZbc founder and well known filmmaker R. Paul Dhillon. Friends of Deepak shared stories of his life and what a great person he was and how he was the life of any party. Life is short and you have to live it to the fullest cause you don't know when it will be time to go. Deepak was one person who lived life to the fullest.  Dhillon is proud to announce that Deepak's daughter Rashi Grewal will be making her film debut in his film The Fusion Generation, which begins filming on July 25. In the hearts of his admirers and friends and on the silver screen – Deepak's spirit will live on!


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