Fighting Racism!


TedX-GurdeepWell respected physician Dr. Gurdeep Parhar, who is an Executive Associate Dean, Clinical Partnerships and Professionalism at UBC, was a speaker at the recent Tedx Talk, where he recounted his emotional story of being a victim of bullying and racism. Parhar's talk is online now and can be seen by clicking the link below.

"Our subconscious bias often leads to racial stereotyping which can result in misunderstandings, discrimination, and even violence. Some of the worst atrocities in human history have occurred because one ethnic group was thought to be inferior to another. By acknowledging that we do recognize differences, by admitting that we can never be truly culturally competent, and by confirming our similarities, can we take the first steps to fixing racism?," Parhar said during a deeply touching and affecting speech.


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