KidsPlay Powers Youth!


Kidsplay10-DESIBUZZbc (1)-RedSupercop Kal Dosanjh and his KidsPlay team held their annual big soccer tournament at BC Place last week which brought out over 700 kids from inner city schools on Monday at the big BC Place. It's a big passion for Kal who has been doing the tournament for 14 years and it's Kidsplay-10his personal commitment to kids that is slowly paying off. "KidsPlay is premised on providing underprivileged youth with positive alternatives in a sincere attempt to steer them away from a life of drugs, gangs and crime," says Kal. The genesis of the Kidsplay Super Soccer comes from Kal's law enforcement experience in the Downtown Eastside.  After multiple observations of youth engaging the open air drug market of the downtown Eastside, Kal designed a soccer program for youth who came from marginalized lower socio economic backgrounds. "Sports gives youth qualities such as self respect, confidence, but most importantly, a sense of dignity," Kal says.


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