Argument With A Friend Leads To Fighting Bed Bugs For Terramera Inc. Founder


Bed-Bugs3DESIBUZZbc (1)-RedDon’t let the Bed Bugs Bite: Vancouver Company Terramera Inc. leading the way against Bed Bug epidemic!

VANCOUVER – What started as an argument with a friend has led to the creation of a global company that develops plant based alternatives to chemical pesticides and fertilizers. That difference of opinion prompted Karn Manhas, founder and CEO of Terramera Inc. to become fascinated with finding a solution to the bed bug epidemic that exists in the world.

Bed-Bugs-Karn-ManhasBedbugs have been a risk to public health for a long time. They have been documented to have existed in caves centuries ago. In recent times, with the increase of international travel and the increasing movement of populations into urban areas, bedbugs have become an epidemic.

Bed bugs are pesky creatures that will continue to return if they are not dealt with effectively. Often exterminators need to be brought in repeatedly to kill them and their eggs. Terramera, based in Vancouver, has developed a plant based solution for these insects that is 100% effective with the first application, and non-toxic to humans and pets.

Terramera has developed proprietary platforms that stabilize and deliver complex plant biochemicals, such as cold-pressed neem and other plant-extracts (Neem is a tropical evergreen tree native to South Asia. Neem extracts have been used in human health care, hair, skin and dental care, traditional medicine and environmental uses for thousands of years). Terramera’s Inspirium® Technology increases the efficiency and performance of biological materials, allowing them to perform more efficiently. The result is products that work better than today’s synthetic conventional chemicals at protecting against pests and disease; and in agriculture, products that promote plant health and increase farm yields.

Bed-Bugs2Terramera’s consumer line, Proof, includes the only EPA-registered products that are 100% effective against bed bugs and their eggs. Currently Proof is only registered in the United States, but Terramera is working to have it registered here in Canada. Terramera’s agricultural products, under development, increase sustainability and profitability of conventional farms, and can help farmers profitably transition to organic.

On May 28th on the TEDx Stanley Park stage, Karn shared his expertise and insights how society can stop the bed bug epidemic.

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