Central-City Central-City3DESIBUZZbc (1)-RedDESIBUZZbc joined Gus Bajwa of Famoso and his gang of beer lovers for the exclusive tour of the Central City's $35 million brewery in the Bridgeview are of Surrey to celebrate 4-20 (Weed Day) our own way. We got the finer points on how  IPAs are brewed with using oats and hops and high tech brewing equipment. But you still need the skills of an experienced brewmaster to get the brew just right. Central City has grown huge since opening in 2013 when we first did the media tour and it all has to do with their brewing skills and quality control. Most of the crew didn't give a shit about the tour or how the beer is made – they were only there to sample the beer and that they did, sampling everything from the raspberry ale to lager to cider and so on! Cheers Barter Singh!





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